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A Leading Female-First Health & Wellness Brand Dedicated To Women in Yoga & Fitness Embracing a Healthier, Happier, Elevated Lifestyle Regimen.

Our Vision & Story

We constantly strive to research and evolve by offering a diverse selection of Canadian plant-powered healing and wellness essentials developed to improve day to day life without the associated effects caused by prescription medications.  Our love for hemp-based medicine is greatly influenced by a story of an animal belonging to a close relative of Jade’s & Co. founders dating back nearly 10 years ago. 

Hemp-derived CBD oil has successfully halted the spread of cancerous cysts on a special dog of the family named Sparky.  After truly seeing results from plant-based medicine over nearly 5 years, Jade’s & Co. was formed for Canadian adults. 

We believe your fur-family deserve the same best holistic treatment and preventative maintenance possible so we’ve carefully curated a catalogue of Canadian-made brands & products for pets as well as their lovely owners such as yourself!

Natural plant-healing aspects for your daily routine.

We understand the importance of better alternatives to the ever so impacting pharmaceutical industry. Your health and happiness is our passion. We’ve committed to premium organic plant-based wellness products that can keep you focused, motivated, calm and relaxed whether you’re hiking a trail, entertaining guests, or relaxing with your partner on movie night. Whether you’re set out to try a new product or pick up a staple item, we invite you to take a look around and let us know if you need anything!

Just know that we’re always here to help if you require assistance choosing the right products for your mind, body, and spirit.

Are you new to plant-powered wellness essentials and have some questions? Maybe you haven’t found the right plant-powered products you’re looking for? Please contact us via live chat or send an e-mail to: jadesandco@gmail.com

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