All About CBD

What is CBD?

The CBD compound is found in hemp and cannabis plants but often times CBD is associated with the psychoactive effects from marijuana.  That is in fact not true since CBD is actually among one of more than 113 cannabinoids that are contained in the plant, and most of these are under scientific investigation for the potential medicinal benefits that they hold.  There are numerous manufacturers in Canada which offer CBD only products for pets which include pet treats, oils, tinctures, to salves for which your dog can benefit from. 

Is CBD Safe for My Pet?

Yes!  It’s important to remember that CBD is safe for pets and cannot make your pet “high” like cannabis.  Since there is under 0.3% THC in Full Spectrum Hemp derived CBD, tinctures, oils and treats that are produced from hemp will not cause the psychoactive effects in which THC is known for.  There are no toxic levels to be concerned about when you’re your pet consumes CBD oil just the same as in human consumption, therefore there is no risk of overdose. 

What Should I Expect When My Pet Takes CBD?

The results from administering CBD to your pet are very positive and diverse.  Depending on your pet’s ailments and or conditions, there are a vast amount of results you may notice.  Don’t be surprised if your pet has more energy and enthusiasm after just a single dose!  If you’re afraid you may have given your pet too much oil, do not be alarmed.  Your pet will simply relax and fall asleep, this is normal and becoming widely recognized as part of the natural healing properties of the plant.  CBD has been proven to reduce inflammation while inducing a calming effect along with a wide array of other ailments. 

What do Veterinarian’s Think About CBD?

Although CBD oils are becoming increasingly popular among Veterinarian’s and Physicians for both humans and pets, it seems as though CBD is still considered a last resort treatment in some parts of Canada.  As the industry evolves and more research is done the effects brought about by CBD will become increasingly popular.  Many common conditions which are treated with CBD in both people and pets are:

  • Joint Pain and Dysplasias
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Hypertension (High Bloodpressure)
  • Seizures / Epilepsy (Even in infants and baby’s)
  • Skin & Coat Conditions
  • Nausea
  • Cancer
  • Mobility
  • ADHD

Those are just a few examples of how CBD can help you and your pet’s way of life.  Try it for yourself and see the true benefits and healing properties that the hemp plant and hemp seed have to offer. 

Is it legal to give my pet CBD?

If the CBD is extracted from industrial hemp or hemp seed oil, then it will contain less than 0.3% CBD and therefore is legal.

What is the Correct Dosage of Oil for My Pet?

It all depends on the size of your dog of course.  Most products will have their own dosage chart right on the label but if there is not, there are many websites available which have CBD oil dosage calculators.  The dosage calculator will ask you for the weight of your pet along with the concentration and size of the bottle. 

We suggest that if your pet is under 25 pounds you should start with the 125mg or 250mg bottle to assist with typical ailments such as arthritis and mobility issues.  Typical dosage for a dog under 20 pounds is 2 – 4 mg per day. 

For medium pets weighing up to 60 lbs you can go with a 300mg bottle.  You should be aiming for 4 – 8 mg per day for pets of this size. 

For pets and farm animals weighing over 85 lbs we suggest a 750mg – 1500mg tincture, depending on the weight of the pet.  If you have questions regarding dosage, please feel free to contact us with any inquiries you have! 

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